Correct MQA setting for Onkyo TX-8270

Hi, I would like to play Tidal MQA tracks on my Onkyo TX-8270 receiver with Audirvana on my Windows 10 laptop. According to this

the TX-8270 supports MQA. Is that accurate? I have the Onkyo wired to the network.

One issue I am facing (and reported in another post) is that I don’t see the Onkyo as an output device in Audirvana. So I have a workaround: I see my Sony UBP-X800M2 Blu-ray player as an output device, and I can play to that. It is then connected to the Onkyo by HDMI.

So how should the output be configured in Audirvana to handle the MQA decoding properly? Audirvana (auto-detect) is telling me that the DAC is non-MQA. Should I tell it to use as MQA decoder anyway?



Hello @Mark_DeB, if you can’t view your Onkyo in the Audirvana audio output, have you check if your DAC is set in Upnp mode?

When you click on Music Server, it sees servers on the network. I don’t know of any specific control to put it in UPnP mode.

The Qobuz desktop app (Windows 10) sees the Onkyo, but Audirvana doesn’t.

The Qobuz app use other protocols to connect to your DAC like Airplay or Chromecast so this is maybe why you can see it in Qobuz App.