Correcting artist info for a folder of flac files on mac

Hi there. Does anyone know how to correct/specify the artist name that Audirvana displays.

I have a folder of flac files - a music compilation – that I want Audirvana to recognise as ‘Various Artists’ but despite naming the folder in this way, Audirvana still displays the folder without any artist name.

Do I need to edit the metadata of the folder somehow? I can’t figure out how to do this.

Any pointers or help appreciated.


New feature called “search” top right corner. It’s pretty easy.

thanks for the reply but I have tried searching and still can’t figure out how to change the metadata of the folder. I am using Audirvana 3.5.50 if that makes a difference.

If you know how to achieve what I’m trying to achieve then it would be fabulous if you could just tell me! Thanks.

Pardon my flippant response still on my first cup. Helps to know what computer system, I’m on Mac so I use Yate. I remove the file to be corrected from my media folder put it on the desktop then edit it, drag and drop it back to my media folder and it will be updated in Audirvāna automatically. Hopefully this will help get you started.

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Thank you. I installed Yate - thanks for the suggestion. I used Yate to change the album artist to ‘Various Artists’, thinking this would be the solution, and Audirvana still isn’t displaying an artist name! Any idea why not?

aha! Followed your advice more closely - took the folder out of the library folder and then edited it and put it back - and it worked. Thanks for your help.


Fantastic, enjoy your music!

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For Mac there is also Jaikoz, which I personally find easier to use than Yates.

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