Could not get Audirvana trial to work

I already subscribe to Tidal, streaming through Macbook (OS Catalina 10.15.2) to Chord DAC. I downloaded the 30 day trial but it did not work and I am not sure why. I deleted th application and Tidal works ok but I would still like to try Audirvana. Any suggestions would be appreciated

What exactly didn’t work? Were you able to start the app at all?

The app opened, Chord DAC was selected, but my Tidal subscription was not recognised and would not play.

Tidal trial that comes with Audirvana?

No, my existing subscription, I’ve been with Tidal for about a year now.

Check if you can play through the web client on that Mac. Did you see the Tidal content in Audirvana?

Tidal on its own works fine, there was no tidal content visible in the audirvana screen.

Hmm, how many playlists do you have? Maybe it was just loading slowly.

I have 5 playlists, none very large. I initially opened Audirvana with Tidal running, when it didn’t work, I closed Tidal and tried to open it through Audirvana, I was directed to the Tidal login but my user name & password was not accepted and Tidal would not open. Closing Audirvana and opening Tidal my login worked and Tidal played. At this point Audirvana no longer opens, I am being asked for a licence key.

It noticed you had previously running trial install. At this point you either commit and buy the license, or ask @Antoine for another trial.

Until I can get it to work I am not going to buy a licence.

This is as much as I can help you. I suggest you write to or wait until somebody replies here.

Many thanks for your help anyway, it is much appreciated. I will do as you suggest and contact support.