Crackles, stops during SACD & DSD playing

Hello, I have the following setup: MacBook Air 2013 + Fiio K5 Pro like usb dac. When I start to play SACD-ISO or DSD there are crackles, or it stops and jumps during the playback. All needed setup done. Nothing change when I change DoP 1.0 toDoP 1.1. Problem appears for all SACD OR DSD starting 64.

Hello @Serge, can you change your memory buffer in your audio settings in Audirvana?

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Hi Damien,
what buffer size I need to set up.
I have the following setup right now:

Select DoP 1.0 or 1.1 and start increasing the buffer by 1024MB chunks and test.

Hi again, I tried different buffer sizes. The better result I got was with 512 MB however the barely audible crack happens at the moment when the buffer is purged out.

came here to suggest buffer adjustment. It’s best if you can play the whole thing in memory, which of course, depends on how much RAM you’re willing to dedicate to it. Disk speeds vary and can use up your IO bandwidth.

The Macbook Air is an older machine with a comparatively slow processor by today’s standards, though I still run Audirvana on a 2009 Mac mini without any issues. Granted, I don’t decode DSD files on it.

Let us know if you figure it out!