Cracks & pops when using VST3 pluggins

Hi, each time, using Audirvana for streaming ( Qobuz) when applying VST, I got cracks & pops ( it sounds as distorsion) I tried Sominus EQ and Voxango Marvel GEQ = same issue. I have to de select VST pluggin to stop this negative effect. Multiple test with output level limitation, wasapi vs ASIO vs Kremel , etc… no success.
how to fix it?
FYI, I am using Audirvana on 2 different laptop running both windows 10, each of them with different DAC = no difference
thanks for your support and sorry for my english.

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Hi @rosant

I have similar experiences. I have now stopped using Sominis live and this interference has stopped. One day into new preferences and seems to gave solved my issues.


If you have level controls on the plug-ins, you will want to manage the gain structure so you are not overloading your DAC or the volume control of Audirvana… first try lowering the output level of Audirvana… When you do any processing, this adds more bits to the signal…

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