Crash after selecting own Playlist (Qobuz & iTunes)

I’m using audirvana 3.5 on MacOS 11.5.1 and was pretty happy with it. Installed yesterday Studio as a trial and i liked it. But as soon as i select one of my own created playlists in Qobuz or iTunes local the software completely crashes and i have to restart it again after this self quitting. That’s very annoying and prevents me clearly from purchasing it.

Any similar experiences out there or some tips ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the exact same issue.
No idea how to fix it?


Fun fact…when I directly jump into the playlist via the navigator selector box I can at least play single songs. But that‘s all, after playing one song it stops .
That is neither a solution nor a workaround….

Hello @AM8c and @mitch.shiller ,

If you have a crash with this version, can you send us the entire crash report at

Hi Damien, thank you for the info…i have sent it a few minutes ago.
Hopefully you’ll find a solution because at the moment the update from 3.5 is unfortunately no option.

Thanks in advance


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