crash and freeze


i have a weird problem
i have updated to the last version , i had the same problem with older version from 3.1.5 to the last
i have tried to import an ntfs hard disk , and audirvana plus freezes , it did happen on itunes
checked this hard disk and it’s perfect , under windows 10/7 muscibee , foobar2000 and audirvana plus for windows ,i have no provlems
the freezing is while is scanning this volume
i have used mp3tag for windows and i have Cyrillic files name and tags
have you notices some problems like that on sierra and high sierra ?
audirvana crashes during the scanning of the volume

is there some tips ? i’m bored to hard reset


Try removing batch of files from their places, and hit scan… till you found what album or files make A+ crash…

but is there a way to have a log?
i’m bored aof crash and hard resets
the drive is 3TB of music

I don’t know for log.
You just have to remove files from the folder they are from A+ read them, you don’t have to copy to another place, just put them on same hard disc but in a new folder… if you have like me A to Z folders remove 10 letters and sync, if good put back 3 letters and sync… and on, doesn’t take long to see where the bad file is

There is a debug menu in A+, maybe you can see something there after a crash but not easy to understand :grinning:

maybe it’s better asking to the developer ,seeing i’m going mad about it