Crash Remote iOS

All apps newest version. When trying to view the actual playlist, Remote app crashes most of the time. If it does not, it happens when trying to “prune queue”. Anyone else?

Yes. I reported this a week ago as soon as the new version came out.

I’m really surprised that this hasn’t been fixed, or at least some response from the developer being given on when a fix might appear. Something as simple as this crashing the app really is pretty fundamental.

v2.2 is around the corner…
waiting here for Apple to show it on Apple Store, might help you on that…

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What really upsets me is nobody admitted to really having a problem as far as the developers go. So I have had AT&T out twice to look at my router. I went out and bought a new router thinking it was my Router. When all along now we are finally admitting that there is something wrong with the remote. Nice😩