Crash when modifying tags on too many tracks

1. I’m trying to change the “Genre” tag on a playlist containing several hundreds of tracks.
Unfortunately, after renaming a few, Audirvana inevitably crashes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a smart playlist with a genre condition (for instance, genre = classical)
  2. Select a lot of tracks (let’s say 300)
  3. Change the genre
  4. The renaming process starts but Audirvana ususally crashes before reaching the end of the process.

2. Another small selection bug when modifying many tags in a playlist (which remove files from the smart playlist if it is one of the corresponding conditions).

Steps to reproduce:
a. Create a smart playlist with a genre condition (for instance genre = classical)
b. select several tracks and change the genre
c. the tracks disappear from the playlist as they don’t fit the conditions but the selection remains on different files.

Better to use another external tool for this.

Yes, probably, but I wanted to report it. I’m not a programmer but maybe the Audirvana team can fix it easily! :slightly_smiling_face:

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