Crash With Uniti Nova

For a few days Audirvana (PC windows 10 with ethernet connection) in upnp with Naim uniti nova has continuous crash problems. (using Tital)I have already formatted the pc, and restored the United NOva. The problem remains. If I change songs in the same LP Audirvana freezes and needs to be restarted. Has become unusable. I installed the new Naim v. 3.6.0 firmware 15 days ago. But the problem has been happening for a few days now. Thank you… I’m desperate.

Update. Audirvana crashes even if I use pc speakers. seems like a problem with windows. (although I formatted the pc)

Hello @dennis79,

This is a issue we are currently working on it. When you stop and then play the track again there is a connection issue with Tidal that we need to solve. We will make an update to fix it.

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