Crashing and changed date added orders

Many Times Crashed on MBP M1 MAX 64GB.
And it mixed the orders in the Date Added Viewing Mode Not Showing The Correct Order since the last iphone update

Hello @szablyaakos,

Can you please send us the latest crash report you had at

Can you send a screesnhot of this?

It’s not the date you added it in your Mac that will be used, it’s the date it has been added to Audirvāna.

it is the same. Yesterday shown correctly , but today changed after downloaded iphone update…

but never shown the date it has been added to Audirvāna, instead the metadata of files -which is quite annoying

I will, but wehere can i find on mac os monterey

In the Console app of MacOS;


You will find it under the Report section:


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thanks i have sent them

Received, will come back to you by mail as soon as possible.

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