Crashing constantly after itunes synch

And, yeah that’s what I’m wondering, seems like maybe audirvana doesn’t like large libraries

my hard drive for music is divided in 26 letters… A to Z
maybe you could do the same or similar and just load the 3/4 of it to see if it doesn’t crash, then save the .sqlite :slight_smile: then load the rest… maybe you have a file there that is corrupted, that make Audirvana crash…

mine is 40 628 files…

Ugh - crashed again. Seriously doubting the effort here. may I’ll try updating to Catalina and see how I like the “music” app.

sorry for you… this audirvana software is stable and playing well for mostly all people, playing with it simple way… you’ll never get the same sound through Music app, but if it works… There is no way for me that all your songs might making it crash… put some folder and see, add some folders and see… oups it crash… remove those folders and add less, all good put other folders, oups it crash… find the folder that crash Audirvana… or use JRiver or HQPlayer :slight_smile:

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You can contact Damien directly. I’ve been using A+ since version 1.0 and have worked through numerous issues over many years and Damien has always been available for assistance.

I agree with AlainJ. Abandon iTunes integration. Break your library up into say 4 folders based on the alphabet or music genre or something that makes sense to you.

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Hello @stevebandworks, since you have crash, can you send us the whole crash report so we can identify where is the issue?

Maybe the trial version has limitations? More often than not, when it crashes, a music file is corrupt…