Creating and managing Qobuz Playlists In Audirvana

New user here, just purchased my license today after trying it out for three weeks to see if it solved the issues I was having with the Qobuz app for Windows. It pretty much solved all my playback problems but I need some help making playlists of Qobuz tracks. It seems when I do so, it automatically orders the track sequence based on album title (alphabetically) and then track number (sequentially). Is there a way I can custom-sequence the tracks in a Qobuz playlist to conform with my own preferences based on music flow and chronology of recording, etc?

The only workaround I’ve come up with is to click the heart button to favorite a track in reverse order of the order I want and then view favorite tracks ordered by added date, but this is laborious. Isn’t there a way to have a playlist maintain the order of tracks in the order that I add them to the playlist? Or alternately, to be able to drag and move the tracks somehow to order them after I’ve added them?

Qobuz and Tidal (which I am also trying out) both sound and perform great in Audirvana, it’s just this playlist issue that’s bugging me right now.

Hello @ferrarabrainpan, you can set your sorting criteria in the “Sort Criteria” section in Audirvana Settings and change the criteria or the order you want it to display your title in your playlist

Thanks, that did the trick by turning off sorting for streaming playlists.

NOW there are other issues…

When I select favorite tracks in Qobuz I have a lot of favorites, over 100, and I can’t scroll down to the bottom because the marker in the right hand scroll bar keeps jumping up and down and not loading all the tracks. Then I have to reset the sorting menu at the top and it works.

When I add a new Qobuz playlist it fails to add one. Then I try again. Still no new playlist appears in the list. Then I try again, by which time three new playlists appears. There’s a lag interfering with smooth functioning.

Again, I go to rename a playlist and it fails to rename the playlist, it continues to read “new playlist” even though I’ve changed the name two or three time to the name I want. This morning it did this and then started giving me an error popup message, infinitely repeating until I had to force close the program in Task Manager.

I restarted Audirvana and tried to rename the playlist again. Same thing happened with the infinitely repeating popup and forced suhutdown.

I sent you a private message to send me your logs