Créer une règle

En créant une playlist intelligente, je veux créer une règle :
L’emplacement + contient + classique
Lorsque je clique sur la flèche pour dérouler le menu de choix, le menu apparaît et disparaît aussitôt de sorte qu’il m’est impossible de créer une règle.

Hi, Welcome to the forum. I’ve used translate to read your post and hopefully have got the gist of what you want to do.
Once you have clicked on the Smart Playlist Button, Name the playlist what you want and hit enter. The Filters editor should appear as shown on the image. As Smart Playlists only work with Local Files all you need to do is to click the middle Button (Any Criteria is True) and click the add button, select Genre, select is equal to, and type Classical.
Any Classical Music held in your Local Files will then appear in the Smart Playlist as shown.
Trust this helps. Once you done the first one you can play around with the editors to try and make other smart playlists.

I’ve attached a screenshot to assist:

Hello, thank you for the response. I know the process for creating a smart playlist. I should point out that I have no problem on my MacBook but only on my Windows 10 PC. It is when I want to select gender equals classic that the drop-down menu immediately disappears. And so I can’t create a rule.

Sorry I can’t help with a Window’s issue. The only Windows I’ve used since 1995 are the ones that open to let the air flow through the house.:joy:
But on a serious note, is your AS Version on Windows picking up Local Files? I’m thinking that maybe if there is nothing to point it at the options don’t work!
Hopefully @support can offer more options.


Hi @Calimerosax,

can you send a screenshot of what you see?

Hi, I try to make a video soon.