Current playing song


I am new to Audirvana. This is great software and the sound quality is excellent.

In case I play music in a dance hall I show the current playing song on a screen. The song display software just needs the filename of the current playing song to provide the display information.

On Linux many of the players offer a file in the users home directory with the filename (path) of the current playing song.

It would be great if Audirvana gave the possibility to get the filename of the current playing song in some way.

+1 yes, that would be a very nice and useful feature!

shell/AppleScript hack:

# Time-stamp: <2020-06-12 20:39:04>
# Get current playing track from Audirvana.
# Use $1 to write location of current playing track to $1 (file) and
# not just output it.

    tell application "Audirvana"
        set CURRENT_TRACK_URL to playing track url
    end tell
CURRENT_TRACK_LOC=$(echo "${CURRENT_TRACK_URL//\%2F//}" | cut -c 8-)
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo $CURRENT_TRACK_LOC > $1