Current Version, Mac OS Catalina; Album Grouping

I am using the latest version of Audirvana on a Macintosh running Catalina. When I import multiple disc sets, each disc is displayed as a separate album, even though they are identified in metadata as, for example, disc 1 of 5, disc 2 of 5, etc. I have noticed a preference setting under “Local library Albums” which reads “Group albums by album title.” I don’t know that using this would solve my problem, but I can’t choose it because it is “greyed out.” Suggestions?

Hello @JeffH, do you mean when you want to click on the button to enable it nothing change?

Correct. It’s not even an option, in that the button is “greyed out.”

It’s the only option you can’t use with Group option as every album title is unique, to make sure your tracks have the proper metadata to group them in the same album as different disk you need to select the track and open the metadata panel in Audirvana and look at Disk#:

How are you accessing the “General” tab?

You need to select a track in your album to be able to see the General metadata

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