Currently playing track


When I play my music library, I always use the shuffle function to hear at random my tracks. The problem is that when the next random track plays, the library window does not change to have the currently playing song on top of the list (as with iTunes player for example). It just stays on the list of songs of the first played track. I can click on the now playing window, click on the album and then go to the song to try to rate it, but those are a lot of steps.

Is there a way to change this behavior?

I’ve added the Ctrl+L key shortcut to scroll to the playing track (or album) if it is present in the current view.
This will help to find quickly the playing track, when not viewing the play queue.
Just restart Audirvana Plus to get the update.


Do understand it correctly: Ctrl+L does only work, if the track is present in the current view?
For me it would be more helpfull and consistent, if Ctrl+L shows allways the current track. Going back to the last view can be done by clicking on the back button in the toolbar. Is that possible?