Cutting the ombilical cord with the Mac

So, here’s how I see the exciting future in front of us:

The arrival of macOS Big Sur and Mac Apple Silicon blur the distinction between the Mac and the iPhone/iPad. Apps build for one work on the other. There is no need for Audirvana Remote. Audirvana Mac compiles and run natively on iOS. I no longer need to open my MacBook Pro each time I want to use Audirvana Remote. I just run Audirvana (Remote [Revamped]) and it connects directly to Qobuz and my Devialet Expert Pro.

Wouldn’t that be a bright, enjoyable future?

That would indeed be very nice, plus the Audirvana for iOS can cache the content locally on the phone.

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I have to run a “head” for my system and right now that is a Mac. I use Audirvana to access my local content and Tidal which goes thru USB to my DAC then XLR to my powered monitors. I want to see Mac OS natively handle DSD. The Audirvana Remote is not figuring into my system as of yet …

This does not depend on Audirvana. Manufacturers would need to release specific drivers, but since you can use DoP they don’t bother. Btw, DoP is pure DSD just packaged in PCM words.