DAC and Tidal streaming trouble

Any other possibilities? I would like to continue using Audirvana, but if there is no hope for this situation then maybe I’ll need to check back again after some time has passed…perhaps the bugs will be ironed out after more updates.

Did you try with local MQA file? You can test this also with another software if you have a local MQA file. Any software that can play bit-perfect would do.

It may be an issue with your DAC or sometging is still messing with the signal in Audirvana. It could be upsampling, eq, software volume control and such. Make sure that exclusive access is on.

Also try to reduce the pre-load cache to 2000MB. The local file should not stutter. If it does it’s indicative of an issue.

Try different ports, different cables and it could ultimately be a device issue.

I tried the local MQA file (using the linked files you provided), I tried lowering the pre-load cache (as I noted above), and every other suggestions…yet I still find similar issues. I tested with other software and there are no problems. My DAC works perfectly with everything else…except this newest version of Audirvana. It is not a problem with the cable, nor the DAC. It is a problem with the Audirvana software and/or its settings.

Again, I really wish that this were not the case, but it seems to be irreconcilable. Perhaps the Audirvana team can use my experience to help future development? I hope so. I will try again in the future.

It’s probably some setting. I have an external DAC that is also MQA decoder and I run it with the Mac. If it works for me it should work for you too.

Still, new Audirvana release is around the corner. You can try with the new release when it comes out.

Are Thesycon drivers available for the Mac?

I have the D90 non-MQA version running on my Windows 10 with the ASIO Thesycon drivers and have Native DSD to DSD512, no crackles and pops and no problems with Tidal HiFi at DSD512 or 32/768k PCM and I have a 10 year old computer running Windows 10 with non-Gigabit wifi.

Have you tried a few different USB cables? I can confirm that the one that came with my D90 stinks. Trying a few different cables themselves may solve all of your problems and I don’t mean a fancy, expensive one. Just try a few different ones around your house or from thrift stores until it “just works”.

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