DAC capability display

I have noticed that when I connect the Fiio Q3 dac/amp in my MacBook to listen with my headphones all 16/44,1 files outputs as 24/44,1 when I look at the DAC capability menu. This does not happen when I stream from Audirvana to my receiver without the Q3. Does anyone know what the issue is here?

That’s normal. According to Audirvana you’ll see the bit-width as reported by the USB interface when connected via USB. When you connect via UPnP to the receiver, you’ll see whatever the receiver reports.

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Aah ok so there is no up-sampling being done?

Nope, that was also my concern when I started using Audirvana.

Ok that’s good to hear :+1:

But it’s strange because it’s only the 16/44,1 that outputs wrong, when I play 24/96 or 24/192 or even DSD files they come out as they should.

My DAC is 32bits, when i play 16/44 it shows 32/44, normal… playing 24/96 it shows 32/96 normal.
32 will always be on the right, like 24 for you since your dac is 24bits :slight_smile:

But my Fiio Q3 supports up to 32bit/768khz

maybe just the mac pro could not go to 32bits?

Hehe this was strange. I deactivated the Software volume control in Audirvana and now everything outputs correctly, 16/44,1 outputs 16/44,1​:smiley::man_shrugging:

That’s also not unusual. Some DACs behave like this.

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