DAC Compatibility

Is Audirvana plus compatible with the following DAC and can provide native DSD512 ?




Yes. You would of course need native DSD512 material which should be quite a rarity. But with Audirvana you can upsample to DSD512 on the fly. This of course needs a fast machine since it is very hardware intensive, but nonetheless possible. SMSL provides ASIO drivers, which you need to install and use to playback native DSD512 on Windows 10. DSD512 is not possible on MAC since Mac only supports DSD256 over DoP until now and no native DSD playback.

Thanks a lot for your response ! So I am very sad to acknowledge that native DSD is impossible on a macOS computer regardless of the DAC ! Can you confirm this to me ? also, why is it like this ? is it CoreAudio itself on the Mac that does not support DSD ?

Many thanks again