DAC indicates 32Bit when 16Bit is played

I am loving that I finally have a player that sends Sample accurate files to my Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC. But when I’m playing 16 Bit files, the indicator at the bottom right indicates: 32/44.1. Is there a “Minimum” BIT rate setting that I’ve mistakenly selected?

It is normal… Audirvana shows the capacity of your DAC, so if you play 24/96 song, it will show 32/96…

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Redbook 32/44.1 as OP says no?

He says 16/44 shows at right 32/44 so that is normal for a 32bits DAC, a 24bits DAC would show 24/44 for redbook file


It is normal. Internally the 16 bit integer is passed as a 32 bit integer, because I assume your DAC is a 32 bit DAC.
16 bits passed as 32 bits is like packaging something in a slightly too large box. But what comes out is exactly the same number. So your signal is not converted or upsampled in any way.

As others already stated: The indicator at the bottom left of Audirvana shows the original source (16-44.1 in your case) and the indicator at the bottom right shows how your DAC handles it.