DAC is visuable in de Remote App, but not selectable

My Mytek Brooklyn DAC is with USB connected to my Mac Mini with a new fresh install of Ubuntu 24.04 and Audirvana Studio. In Ubuntu a can see the Mytek DAC and I’m able to get music through the DAC to the amp. In the Audirvana app I can see the Mytek DAC, but I cannot really select the DAC and play music. With the internal speaker in the Mac Mini I can play music with Audirvana. With another USB DAC I can manage to play music with the Audirvana App, but not with the Mytek. I reset the Mytek to factory settings, but nothing like to work. Anyone?

Hi @Bas,

What do you mean by that? :point_up_2:

Can you record your screen on your Remote when you try to do this?

Hi @Antoine ,

Hereby a short movie.
Movie selecting Mytec Dac in Audirvana App

Regards Bas

Hi @Bas,

Can you send me the log file at support@audirvana.com you will find in ~/.local/share/audirvana?

Hi Antoine,

Did you received the log file? I send the log file a week ago.

Regards Bas

hi @Bas,

Yes, I received it. As I was out for a week, I will look at your logs as soon as possible.