DAC problems

My problem is a bit complicated:

I have a Meze 99 Classic and an Ifi Air Dac
When I play music on Audirvana, only the application can play sound. Which is certainly good in terms of quality, but I’d like to have the sound of the rest + the sound of Audirvana, even if it means sacrificing a little quality.

When I’m in WASAPI, when I uncheck the padlock, the sound comes right back.
When I’m in ASIO, when I uncheck the padlock, the sound remains blocked on my PC, so I have to close the application Audirvana.

By the way: when my headset doesn’t receive sound for a few seconds, I hear a little sizzle, then as soon as the sound comes back, sizzle again. It’s as if as soon as the headset isn’t playing something, it goes into standby mode, and when it’s turned back on, it creates crackling noises. I should point out that none of these problems existed when I bought this DAC.

Thank you

Even more mysterious: when I’m on certain tracks, the sound of the whole PC is restored, and on others it’s muted.

I only noticed the 96 khz tracks.

This is due to the exclusive mode of WASPAI that need to be enabled to get playback by Audirvāna. For the moment, we chose to not add the option to disable the option but it may be possible in the future in a update.

Are you using the latest version of the ASIO driver/firmware for your iFi device?

Hi, thanks for your reponse.
How can i check about the iFi version ?

I updated on the officiel website


Any news ?

Some people waited for you for about 2000 years, you can wait a few days to let the programmers investigate your issue :wink:

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If that’s all, I can wait 2,000 years.

Hi @jesuschrist,

Sorry for the very late reply.

I can’t reproduce your behavior over WASAPI, I need to select the output again when I click on the padlock to get the audio again of a YouTube video through the Neo iDSD I have here.

For ASIO, can you check in the Windows settings if the device is still here when you click on the padlock?

In the case of the firmware version you have, you are using the latest one so you are good to go.


Yes, device is still here after i clicked padlock.
Anyway, I guess there’s no solution to my problem
Have a nice day

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