DAC release issues

Latest Audirvana for Windows 10.

Schiit Audio DAC. I also use Sonarworks EQ software. It sets up an Audio Device using the DAC to operate system-wide. I have both the SW device AND the DAC direct as sources in Audirvana. I have two main headphones, Clears and Ether CX. Because the Ethers are not supported by SW, I use a different EQ with them. I manage this by using the DAC direct with the Ethers and the SW device with the Clears. So far so good.

But if I’ve been using the DAC direct with the Ethers and I want to switch to the SW device with my Clears, I have a hell of a time getting it to play. No error message, it just doesn’t play. I get no sound from other programs either. I suspect what’s happening is Audirvana is not releasing exclusive control of the DAC correctly, so it is not available to SW. I have to disable and re-enable the DAC before it will work. It’s also an issue if I’ve been using Audirvana and I want to listen to youtube for example. Even closing Audirvana sometimes will not release the DAC and I have to disable and re-enable it.

Is there a way to get Audirvana to release the DAC when you stop playback?

This could be a Windows issue.

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