DacMagic 200M listed as Not MQA Decoder

Hi All,
I am just getting aquatinted with Audirvana and installed Studio 2.2.3 on MacBook Air with DACMagic 200M. So far so good (except for major gripe about Artist/Track radio for Tidal :slight_smile: )
However for some reason AS listd usb attached DAC as not MQA capable

On playback all light on DacMagic are correct, should I just ignore that?

I’m not sure what screenshot you’re posting, could you please post the entire thing?
Take a look at your DAC input settings and see if it’s set as a decoder.

Edit: I get it, you’re looking thru the remote, look at your Mac directly.

That’s definitely confusing, @Antoine could you please take a look at this?

Is it confusing? I read it as IF not MQA capable then force decoder, so if the DAC is mqa capable then that bit is irrelevent?
But this is grown up stuff so I should maybe shut up!

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My DAC is fully capable of MQA, whether or not I choose auto detect it shows “not MQA capable & force decoder“ It just seems odd to me, it’s working fine as far as I can tell.

What is your advice and plan going forward with this issue? 🫣

Correct. Screenshot was from Remote.
On MacOS it shows as MQA decoder - must be a Remote “feature”

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I will need to check on the Remote as soon as I will be able to go back to the office tomorrow :smiley:

Ok guys so there is something in the iOS and Android app we need to fix when a MQA Decoder is connected. Note that it only affects MQA Decoder device, not MQA Renderer.

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