Damping error of audirvana studio

Hello my friends,
Tonight I’ve got a kind of crash of studio.
In particular the sound suddenly became a kind of broken and concurrently an error message popped up on the screen of the pc.
Error message is about damping…i put the screenshot in attachment…

The message is not about ‘damping’. The message says that a ‘minidump’ file is generated. A ‘minidump’ file is a file with information about the error that occured. Audirvana generates such a file (almost) always when it crashes. This is for support to analyse what happened.

In my case Audirvana has crashed a couple of times too with the same error message as in your screenshot. One time the USB connection of my hard drive (with the music on it) failed while playing. Another time my external DAC shut down while playing (my own fault).

If Audirvana only crashed one time (as it seems in your case) I would not worry about it. As I said, that can happen when something important on your computer fails. Check if all your computer connections (USB, network etc.) are still OK. Also check the cables. After that just restart your computer and start Audirvana again.

Hello @Ceralacca_Cunzato,

Can you send us your audirvana.log and audirvana.dmp file at support@audirvana.com?

It can be in two different locations :
C:\Users[your login]\AppData\Local\Packages\Audirvana.Audirvana-[… id number that can vary]\LocalCache\Local\Audirvana\Audirvana
C:\Users[your login]\AppData\Local\Audirvana\Audirvana

to show AppData folder:

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