Database/Indexing (?)/Metadata Issue

I’m fairly new to AV Plus and continue to rip more albums to FLAC and add them. So far things have gone well. However, adding a few more albums yesterday, there is an issue. FWIW, I keep all my FLAC albums on an external drive (Samsung SSD) for my MacBook.

The album database is co-mingling albums. In particular, I added a “Greatest Hits” album for a certain artist. When I click on that album, it shows me every single song from all albums that are “Greatest Hits” regardless of artist, all listed under this new album.

I’ve tried deleting the Library and adding it back, I’ve re-indexed it via Library functions all without success. I’ve also looked at the metadata listed and things seem to be ok there. Not sure where else to look or what else to do to resolve this confusion.


Thanks. :question:

Update…AV Plus was indexing on the name “Greatest Hits” and not additionally the artist. So to the program, they all appeared to be the same album. If I rename each album to include the artist, then it seems to be dealing with the issue. I hope it isn’t mingling every album that has Various as the artist, such as on a soundtrack album. Hmmmmm.