Database Integrity Results

Doing some quick maintenance a couple of days back I received the following results:

Anything to be concerned about?

Hello @PasDeDeux,

You should close Audirvana and remove your audirvana database as it’s corrupted. It’s by default located here:

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 09.09.42

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Ugh!! Just when I thought I was back to normal with no duplicate tracks, lingering/falsely reported deleted tracks and all of my playlists. I’ll export the latter, cross my fingers and toes and proceed before the dawn of a new year. Thanks!

Thanks for all the recent efforts with the database end of things. Whew!! It was painless = )

What should be the frequency of running these tools?

Just close Audirvana and copy that .sqlite file elsewhere in your mac or anywhere as a backup, since now all is good for you…

copy it and update your backup as many times you do changes in your tags and library, like that when a bug occure, you just close Audirvana and replace the .sqlite with your latest bsckup :grinning:

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If you don’t have performance issue with Audirvana then you don’t need to run this tool.

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