Database Tagging Questions (again)

Salut Damien! I’ve been a loyal Canadian user of Audirvana for a while now - currently running Version 3.5 on an older Mac Pro and and older MacBook Pro in the two different places where I spend my time. No doubt, the sound quality is still astonishing, congratulations on that! But I’m beginning to find the database anomalies more and more frustrating. And since the recent controversy around the new Studio software has drawn attention to the database questions, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can take control. I can’t understand where some of the tags are coming from. Is there a succinct description of how to address these problems somewhere, Damien?

And since I know that Damien is probably extremely busy with all the transitional issues around the Studio software transition, maybe my question is one where other users might be able to help? I know that quite a few of you have probably grappled with these same issues, and maybe some of you have figured it out?

Yes. I have grappled. Much a-grappling.

When you select an album you have some metadata fields available.

When you select a track/or bunch of tracks other fiekds become available.

Crazy. All meta data fields on o e screen with tabs for various choices would be terrific.

I don’t mind the layout, but I don’t seem to be able to make my choices stay, and some choices don’t seem able to be changed at all. It seems like Audirvana is overlaying the original tags with its own data, derived from somewhere else. I maintain two copies of my collection, one in each place where I use Audirvana, adding new albums to one or the other and then of course I regularly sync them. About a year ago, I started getting error messages from Chronosync, which was suddenly unable to determine which of two seemingly identical files (identically dated too) was the newer one. I just don’t understand what’s happening to the data and that worries me. And since Damien indicated, in his initial response to complaints about data handling in the new Studio software, that Audirvana 3.5 had already been doing something similar, I began to wonder what that was…

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Hi @Bill_Lane

I know exactly what you mean. I can’t remember how to save the choices. I do know that every time I change something I press save. There are some criteria needed for that to work. I’ll have a look again when get home and continue my metadata updating process, and I’ll reply again.

I’ve just started to wonder, is it possible that this “New Artist” is actually a place-holder, until some other data is entered? I’ve been trying to delete the “New Artist” because I don’t especially like descriptors of genre, identity, etc. Or at least make it disappear from the tag listing. And that doesn’t seem possible…

Hi @Bill_Lane

Where are you seeing New Artist? In metadata editing, yes, it is a place holder. I notice if I put more than one artist or soloist in the extended view Soloist,the change is not saved.

Also, sometimes, when playing that album and saving the save is lost and sometimes AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO closes.

So there are some triggers causing these misfortunes. It needs a dedicated user to itemise a these instances.

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