Default opening

As Origin is local files only, could the streaming section, the globe - MY MUSIC, be removed?
By default origin opens on that section, when it should really open on ( the home symbol - LIBRARY.
I know Origin is Studio with the streaming disabled, but it is annoying that it behaves like Studio in this respect. One too many clicks, again. :slight_smile:


Well said. I’m a local files only and I also don’t want the favourites to be the default opening.

So many people asked for this (including me :stuck_out_tongue:), I think it’s in the works :slightly_smiling_face:

I fully agree.

Basically it would be better if you could change it either on Audirvāna Origin or Audirvāna Studio. And yes, it’s something we are working on but can’t give you a date on it’s release.

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Cool, thanks.

Plus one here.

Yes, I have been asking for this since the release of AS.

You too :grinning: