In the latest version of the Remote A+ app (1.7) under settings DEFAULT TRACK TAP ACTION. I cannot change any settings.
I do realize that after selecting a track i can elect to place it at the end of the play queue but why can i not make ADD TO END OF PLAYQUEUE the default action? As in the older versions. I like to select tracks while a current track is playing without using a drop down menu. Or make add to the end of the play queue the initial default action.
I wish the Audirvana web site would give access to earlier versions of both pieces of software.

Thanks for the report.
the fix is in 1.7.1 I’ve just pushed to Apple.
You should get it soon.

WONDERFUL thanks Damien.

WOW, That was quick. just downloaded ver. 1.7.1 just what i wanted. GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
I am a proud supporter of Audirvana