Delete a value in any tag field


I have quite a few albums (in the hundreds or so) that have something filled in for Composer.
Other than classical music, I do not (nor do I want to) use this field. When I go to edit the tags and blank out the space, it does not remove the tag.

Is there a way to go into a tag spot (in my case in particular) “Composer” and set the value to empty or blank?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


So… if it proves helpful for anyone else…

As long as there are not “multiple values” in the tag slot, the text can be deleted (then press enter), then press save and the contents will be cleared.
This is ONLY the case if there are NOT multiple values.

Kinda had to delete all the unwanted composers by hand, but its done now thank God.


For processing a large amount of files (tags) you could use a real tagging application. I recommend ‘Yate’. (I have no financial interest)

Of slight relevance to this question, I have found that if I correct an error in an album name and save it, the artwork for the album disappears, which is a pain. Like Alberto, I use a tagging app called Kid3 : (I have no idea where that name comes from) which is pretty good. I was hoping it was going to be redundant with A+3 but it seems not yet :0)

Had this problem as well and the fix is simple:
Click on the album cover (do not highlight any individual tracks) - Cmd+I to open the editor window… here you can change the album name (and also the “Album Artist” without having any effect on artwork.

Hope this info proves useful.