Deleted songs will play on playlist

Hi I’m using Audirvana 3.2.18 on macOS Mojave.

What I did
Created a playlist and added a bunch of songs
Pressed play on the first song in the list
Deleted some songs at the end of the playlist

What happened
Audirvana played all songs INCLUDING the deleted ones

What I expected
Audirvana to play only the songs that are left on the playlist

Time for an update to 3.5.29 I think.

I did an update just before I posted this. Audirvana restarted and now it says “Audirvana Plus 3.2.18 is currently the newest version available”.

I now see that I have to go to to download 3.5. Why couldn’t the application tell me this? I have lots of applications. I can’t check all their respective websites regularly!

Hello @romraptor, you needed to do that in order to change your license key, this will not happen again in the future.

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