Denafrips Arce Streamer DLNA

I’ve been in the market for a streamer and Denafrips fortuitously announced their new streamer “Arce”, it has DLNA capability however I’m not sure it automatically translates to compatibility with Audirvana Studio. The website states that it works with Roon and they’re currently working on getting Roon certification.

Would anyone know if the Arce will work with Audirvana Studio?

Here are the list equipment that has been tested and confirmed. :point_up_2:

Your Denafrips unit is NOT on the list of confirmed

Anything else is unclear, untested.

Contact @Antoine for further information.

Hi @chipdelacalzada,

All I can say at this moment is I’m in contact with Denafrips and I asked Alvin for the certification as It could be a good idea to certify the unit for the launch or soon after :wink:

Streaming Services Supported roon Bridge (roon Ready pending)
HQPlayer NAA
AirPlay (16/44.1kHz)
DLNA (16/44.1kHz)


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You said that Devialet equipment has been tested and confirmed : this is not true.

You are right, it is displayed due to a bug in the forum that display a category you do not have access to. If you click on the category, it won’t work.

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Great. I’ll wait for the Audirvana certification before I make a decision.

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Why is DLNA sample rate so low?

I don’t know, apparently their highest priority was SQ.
IMO, this streamer is a work in progress, not a mature product at all.
I must confess that I absolutely dislike streamers built mainly for Roon.
It might work with AS up to 16/44.1, so high res from Qobuz seems not to be possible.
This unit is for Roon and HQ Player users.


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Perhaps I was not clear enough, if you open the link and read through the topic you will see the units that are listed as “certified” The OP unit is NOT on the list.

That being said @Antoine could clean up the topic perhaps a bit as many of the listed manufacturers links are broken and it’s maybe causing some confusion if you haven’t been closely following the UPNP/DLNA issues.

Sorry if I was not clear enough, should have just said
“NOPE not on the list yet”

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Thank you @Antoine , that will help clarify any confusion. Don’t forget to get the Zen Stream on there as soon as you can. It’s the best value solution that I’m aware of currently :+1:t2:

Thank you for the clarification.

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Does the iFi Zen Stream work well in DLNA/UPNP mode? Sample rate is not limited?

Happy to help get any confusion cleared up, I’d feel terrible if you purchased it before we have clarified it would work properly, that being said make sure you have a trial policy 30/60 days hopefully.
My iFi zen stream usage has mostly been streaming 24/96, 16/44.1, 24/192 I was primarily feeding spdif into my Denon AVR DVD input just changed it up to feeding usb to pro-ject S2 DAC into the cd pure direct input of the same AVR. If you would like me to run some specific test please let me know and I’ll be happy to give it a go.

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