Deregistering a device

I have A+ registered on 2 separate Macs, one of which is now no longer working (and replaced) … how can I deregister a Mac that I no longer have access to ?

Audirvana menu… de-hautorize this computer… if it is dead, you’ll have to wait for Damien here or write him a private message by clicking his name :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m afraid the computer is completely ‘dead’ … but it lasted 10+ years.

Do not hesitate to send me by PM the email address used for the purchase of the license or your order reference so I can deactivate your dead computer.

Oh, so if my PC or just my motherboard it will break, I need to PM you and to notifying this situation, to can use anymore Audirvana on a new motherboard/PC.
Something like the OEM licences?

By the way, I don’t think that he can send PM to you, I try to use my PM and it says “We are sorry, but you are not authorised to use this feature. You may have just registered here and may need to participate more in discussions to be able to use this feature.”

After how many posts we can use the PM?

LE: PM works now.
It seems that it doesn’t count the number of posts but the some seniority here.

Same question for me, but there is no “de-authorize this computer” in A+ menu
My version of Audirvana+ is 2.6.6
Is it ok if I remove all Audirvana files in my mac (Application, Preference, …) ?

I have a Mac that failed and cannot de-active. Therefore I cannot install Audirvana on the replacement Mac and active using my license. Since I’m new here I cannot PM Damien directly. ANy help would be appreciated.

Hi there, same Problem here, some Help needed, also unable to send a PM, best regards


I too need to deregister all devices licensed for Audirvana so that I may license a new replacement Mac.
I just joined the forum and I am not able to PM Damien directly

Best Regards, problem solved, thank You for Support !

I run 2.6.5. When I click on ”Audirvana Plus” the drop down menu does not an option to deactivate or deregister the computer? Am I looking in the correct place?

Hello @Swperci, Audirvana 2 doesn’t work the same way as 3.5 does, you just have to uninstall Audirvana and reinstall it on your new computer