Desktop app opens only partially after installation

I’ve just intalled the desktop app. When I open it, it appears only partially: the parts on the right and on the bottom are missing. No possibility to show the full page, to maximise it to full screen size. Since I don’t have access to the settings icon on the top right corner, I can’t do anything. Only element I can interact with is the “Welcome to Audirvana” window. Any ideas how to resolve this? I’ve tried the usual solutions: reinstall, reboot the laptop…

Probably a bit more info is needed:

I assume you are installing Audirvana Origin?
What is the screen resolution of your laptop?
Are you using MacOS or Windows?
Also do you have any screen scaling applied in your OS settings?

Hello Andy, no, it’s AStudio. But yay, descaling from 150 to 100% did the trick! I have the full screen now. Thanks so much!


What happens if you double click on the top part of the app window? It should resize to fit your screen.

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