Device features grayed out

why are my ‘upsampling’ not responding or grayed out everything on the active device page is frozen ie no power of 2 etc sox etc low level playback options are grayed out and won’t respond
am currently using ver 3.520
using both audioquest dragonfly red and meridian explorer 2 as DACs
sound on tidal qobuz is fine and appropriate but i can’t ‘play’ with sound setting
damien or someone else please help
am awaiting new schiit gungnir multibit(with a raggy 2) so i want ALL audirvana features to work

Probably too obvious but are you playing music while looking at the settings?

@dabizi WAY TOO OBVIOUS !! how dumb of me thank you very much---- just ‘oldmanitis’

No worries! Happens to all of us :slight_smile:

I did the same thing bobbmd. I figured it out eventually. LOL!