Devices repeated discovery bug

When loading Audirvana it scans the upnp/dlna devices… every time I get 4-5 copies of the same device… Looking at the log it shows different uuids for only the first part (removed http to avoid link limit in forum)

UPnP devices found : 27
Device #0Studeerkamer UID: uuid:e3bcacf6-f4f7-1595-0080-0005cd72e818 Location:
Device #1Woonkamer UID: uuid:77e19fd3-85dd-138d-0080-0005cdeabeb2 Location:
Device #2Slaapkamer UID: uuid:382dc565-cbfb-1a62-0080-0005cdb7d9ee Location:
Device #3Woonkamer UID: uuid:be64224c-10bb-1f80-0080-0005cdef246a Location:
Device #4HEOS Subwoofer UID: uuid:2bacdf9f-646b-1241-0080-0005cdf3dfae Location:
Device #5Dex UID: uuid:3DCC7100-F76C-11DD-87AF-00226160229C Location:
Device #6Sam UID: uuid:3DCC7100-F76C-11DD-87AF-002261618E64 Location:
Device #7Studeerkamer UID: uuid:3b554ec1-7e13-17f8-0080-0005cd72e818 Location:
Device #8Studeerkamer UID: uuid:a5553798-b50f-1353-0080-0005cd72e818 Location:
Device #9Studeerkamer UID: uuid:654abe2e-b08c-8a69-b9d1-74f8294cda32 Location:
Device #10Studeerkamer UID: uuid:84c0a577-617c-97f1-9934-23ce50629acc Location:
Device #11HEOS Subwoofer UID: uuid:c2dc9817-d42b-1a0b-0080-0005cdf3dfae Location:
Device #12HEOS Subwoofer UID: uuid:ca65fe4b-f813-17a3-0080-0005cdf3dfae Location:
Device #13HEOS Subwoofer UID: uuid:a69471a2-e6d6-06e6-720a-a4ece4fe14d3 Location:
Device #14HEOS Subwoofer UID: uuid:09409c2c-bd8e-c215-700a-6da89b76a5b3 Location:
Device #15Slaapkamer UID: uuid:92de8821-e36b-1e49-0080-0005cdb7d9ee Location:
Device #16Slaapkamer UID: uuid:8703ef20-48e3-190c-0080-0005cdb7d9ee Location:
Device #17Slaapkamer UID: uuid:4fa393c7-05be-9637-631a-fe18c8b0a270 Location:
Device #18Slaapkamer UID: uuid:f05e9ab1-274b-fb9e-38d6-83a2b27799e5 Location:
Device #19Woonkamer UID: uuid:8ea52e2d-9632-184e-0080-0005cdeabeb2 Location:
Device #20Woonkamer UID: uuid:df659e8c-565b-1343-0080-0005cdeabeb2 Location:
Device #21Woonkamer UID: uuid:2e5ca3c9-2122-1519-f9cf-1ae4a77dac58 Location:
Device #22Woonkamer UID: uuid:5ade8a10-0c50-5ce7-68c7-4404f5c926d6 Location:
Device #23Woonkamer UID: uuid:d6c0b7b3-ac01-1941-0080-0005cdef246a Location:
Device #24Woonkamer UID: uuid:05114dda-9548-13f7-0080-0005cdef246a Location:
Device #25Woonkamer UID: uuid:bb0eb3cd-7519-c5df-f66f-87016903ec27 Location:
Device #26Woonkamer UID: uuid:6c3f7b90-3e63-0388-704d-f84ef754a9f2 Location:

Hello @mvoosten, have you checked if your HEOS have an update available? It’s seems changing his UID on regular basis.

Its the latest firmware version on all devices.
Funny as Audirvana is the only software where this occures… it occures within seconds after starting up Audirvana.
Foobar2000 and other UPNP renders show fine

Got a dlna scanner and ot one of the device dlna html strings. Looks to me if Audirvana doesn’t properly distinguish between device and offered services by the device resulting in the duplicates.

Hello @mvoosten, we can make a workaround but that would mean that you’ll need to select your device each time the UID of the device would change. This will eliminate the duplicates but the fact that your device change his UID is not related to us but more on the DAC side.

Thats not it… Look at the definition xml that is loaded to get the services and uuid’s initially (see below extraction of the xml).

All references in the debug from Audirvana can be found in the xml:
Device #2Studeerkamer UID: uuid:e3bcacf6-f4f7-1595-0080-0005cd72e818
Device #11Studeerkamer UID: uuid:3b554ec1-7e13-17f8-0080-0005cd72e818
Device #12Studeerkamer UID: uuid:a5553798-b50f-1353-0080-0005cd72e818
Device #13Studeerkamer UID: uuid:84c0a577-617c-97f1-9934-23ce50629acc
Device #14Studeerkamer UID: uuid:654abe2e-b08c-8a69-b9d1-74f8294cda32

You will see that all references to the studeerkamer (all 5! are mentioned) and that its not constantly changing Id’s… but rather 1 definition (the root) of the device (HEOS 5 in this case) where each UID stands for a specific device type service offered per UID. You show them all, while the majority won’t even qualify as a UPNP renderer and won’t even work to play a song (probably why you see so many questions on the upnp forum why a song sticks at 0… simply because its not using the proper service UID).

UUID: e3bcacf6-f4f7-1595-0080-0005cd72e818
friendly name: Studeerkamer
Device type:
Service types:

UUID: 3b554ec1-7e13-17f8-0080-0005cd72e818
Device type:
Service types:

UUID: a5553798-b50f-1353-0080-0005cd72e818
Device type:
Friendly name:
Service types:

UUID: 84c0a577-617c-97f1-9934-23ce50629acc
Device type:
Friendly name:
Service types:

UUID: 654abe2e-b08c-8a69-b9d1-74f8294cda32
Device type:
Friendly name:
Service types:

So I assume the fix would be to identify the correct and use and show only this one!.. or if this proves an issue with various vendors compatibility wise the second option (though I see this more as a workaround) would be to have to option to hide endpoints in the UI.

Hello @mvoosten, how many HEOS speakers do you have at home?

Hi Damien, 5 (including sub)

Issue still there I see in the latest version.
How come all other upnp programs like BubbleUPNP, mConnect, JRiver etc don’t have this issue?

They probably have a different approach regarding UPnP discovery. We will improve it in a future update of Audirvana.

I was about to post about this, but then I came across this thread. I’m having the same problem with my Denon AVR-X6500H receiver. It’s showing up 5 times in my list of network devices in Audirvana.

@ButteStuff I believe that in an issue with Audirvana and HEOS devices. For some reason Audirvana picks up every input of your HEOS device.

I see the same. Ultimately it seems to play regardless which one you pick. Just doesn’t play Dsf at all.

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I don’t think the number of HEOS speakers has anything to do with this bug. Because I don’t have any HEOS connected to my Denon. And I also completely disabled the HEOS function from the amp menu.

Hello, we have contacted the engineering team at Denon about this issue and they will come back to us as soon as possible.

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Same issue with avc-x6700H denon.
Thanks for fixing.

I have the same issue. Any fixes provided by Denon or other ways how this can be sorted?