Devices that work wirelessly with Audirvana

I stream with Audirvana to Devialet Phantoms and want to use a Chord Qutest as a wireless DAC. What devices as either standalone players or DLNA/UPNP only to USB work with Audirvana?

Steaming to Bluesound node 2i doesn’t work, but something like that with High Res capability would be awsome.

It depend a bit on the budget and/or size constraints. The cheapest is to use Chromecast Audio dongle via TOSLINK.

Or if you’re willing to spend a bit more…

Stream Box S2 Ultra

Now that looks like the sort or thing I need. Thanks

I’m curious how you connect the Chord DAC to the Phantoms?

The phantoms and dialog work as a standalone system with Audirvana. I plan to use the chord in a second system doing away with the USB tether.

Aha, now it makes more sense.