Diacritics in folder names under Monterey

For months I could not figure out why Audirvana was unable to open certain files that played just fine in iTunes/Music, VLC, Vox, etc. Specifically, a rip to ALAC of the Cluytens Beethoven symphonies. Audirvana’s display of the metadata seemed in order. It just wouldn’t open any of these files.

Tonight I tried, improbable as it seemed, removing the accent aigu from “André” in the name of the enclosing macOS folder. Voilà! All is well.

This on a 2020 iMac running Monterey. I checked on my old 2010 iMac running High Sierra and a diacritic in the folder name does not cause this problem. And I remain a happy user of Audirvana 3.5.5, so this may be of historical interest only.

I have Sinéad O’Connor in my folders on mac using Origin 2.5, no problem…

I have read some posts in the past about this subject on this forum. What I understood is that this problem occurred on some versions of MacOS and not on others. This problem did not occur on Windows.

Update your Monterey to last version…


Well, that was dim of me. I should have searched the archives on “accent” rather than “diacritic.” Then I would have seen that this was a known issue. Though a bit of an odd one.

@RunHomeSlow made the kind suggestion of updating Monterey which did indeed resolve the problem.

Thanks to all who took the time to comment.

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