Different sorting in A+ Remote than in desktop - please help

I sorted my full library for personal names by Surnames. But in A+ Remote I have the opposite, Name, Surname listing when in ALBUM and PLAYLIST listing.

What am I doing wrong?

And why is such discrepancy even possible?

Highly appreciate any assistance.

Audirvana should fix their web page. They don’t have SUPPORT and they don’t answer the Contact form. They have few Q&As for things they know are functional but might need clarification, while most of it is stating the obvious. True problems for paying customers are not of their interest, they could not care less for their customers.

Hello, what do you mean with “surname”?
Maybe you are translating from a different language

Sorting criteria are the same on A+ and A+ Remote (see the option menu clicking on the dented wheel in the left upper corner in A+ Remote)


I wish that were true, Stefano, but there is no “Year” sort option in A+ Remote, something I greatly miss. It would be great if the desktop and remote versions really had identical sorting options.