Difficulties in upgrading

I’d like to upgrade my Mac 3.2 license to 3.5 as well as purchase a Windows one but in both cases I need the license key.
Unfortunately I cannot find the email with the license key that I had received (I believe I had used my personal email)
I’ve read about the alternative of checking at 2checkout.com… tried that but in that case the order number is requested, I don’t have that either as I think that it was in the email that I don’t find.
I hoped that the license key was present in the Audirvana installation but apparently it’s not
As a result I’m stuck, any advice ?

Thanks for your suggestions!

Hi, I have purchased a license that I was using on my Mac but now want to use on my Windows laptop. I de-authorized the Mac but when I try to add the licence to the register on the Windows laptop it says “there is no valid license available to continue execution of Audirvana”. What do I need to do to enable the licence for the Windows laptop? My order number for reference is: 59162630.

Kind regards

Hello @d_senior1,

We don’t offer cross platform license but you can could get a preferred price on the purchase of Audirvana for Windows 10.
If you go to the https://audirvana.com/cross-licence-windows/ , you need to enter your order number of Audirvana 3 to get the preferred price of Audirvana for Windows 10.