Digital Cross Over and output to two usb ports


I would like to have a setup with audirvana streaming Tidal MQA files which then is room corrected with Dirac vst post-process and then a digital XO high and low pass filter splitting to two usb ports for Main speaker and subwoofer respectively.
How can this be achieved with plug-in to audirvana? Or is it already built-in?

Thanks in advance

You must have a DAC with multiple outputs… I’m not aware of a crossover plug-in that supports sample-rates beyond 96kHz… with the application of a crossover plugin, you will be unable to employ multi-channel DSP sample-rate conversion of PCM or re-modulation to DSD available in Audirvan Studio…

If you are thinking of using an aggregated output scheme of two DAC’s, this will inject potentials for failures and sync/phase issues and I’m not sure you can route the output streams from the crossover plug-in via Audirvana unless it recognizes the aggregated output device as a multi-channel output… Jacob may have more insights for you as he uses Dirac Live…

My personal recommendation is to purchase a high-quality outboard analog crossover of the SPL ilk:

To keep it all in the digital realm, this outboard DSP crossover/DAC can automatically sample-rate convert to 24/384kHz:

Not quite the answer to the question. But ChannelD’s PureMusic has been supporting this for years. It’s just a shame there hasn’t been an update for years.

I would go for a multichannel DAC myself and not for two stereo USB versions. That’s asking for trouble.

This looks like an all in one solution.

Forget PureMusic… I moved from PureMusic to Audirvana and will never look back… :sunglasses:

I also used Pure Music before switching to Audirvana. I like the simplicity.

Bit stubborn. But I’m looking for an MQA free streamer. So I would be interested in something like a further developed PureMusic.

The MiniDSP products seem nice however, maybe I’m missing something, from what I see, they are limited in sample-rate…

Channel D is too focused on their phono-preamps… I believe they’ve given up on PureMusic and only will focus on PureVinyl…

They are not made for the user who goes for HiRes. It would be a great solution for me. I’ve considered the SHD studio before. It just looks like for Dirac everything goes to 96khz. And I don’t like that.

Although an outboard analog crossover does not provide some of the adjustments that a DSP crossover will employ, it will accomplish the "lion’s share’ of what most need in conjunction with room-correction DSP

This is Dirac with digital crossovers and PEQ per channel. That is quite interesting to control an active system.

Yes… Is this integral to the plug-in?

This little box


Dirac in Audirvana and

Ok… that’s neat… Too bad it’s limited to 192kHz… I guess I’m jaded… I want to feed my playback system(s) with the highest resolution analog signal-feeds possible…

Also, it decimates the data-stream to 48kHz:

Internal Processing resolution
& Sample rate 32 bit / 48kHz

miniDSP 2x4 HD

internal Processing resolution
& Sample rate 32 bit / 96kHz with 2x4HD1 plugin

MiniDSP does not support MQA to my kmowledge?

After applying Dirac, no MQA signal remains for any DAC. Decoding MQA while using DSP is not an option. Even after only applying volume, your DAC will no longer recognize MQA.

When you want to apply DSP, Audirvana will have to perform the decoding step. Then you are at a maximum of 96khz. Then a miniDSP, or any other DSP plug-in, can apply the room correction and crossovers/delay.

Roon is a special exception. They can add the MQA data again after DSP.

Can I use DSP with MQA content in Roon?

Yes. Roon is the only music player that seamlessly integrates DSP with MQA content, while preserving your MQA DAC’s ability to fully render the post-processed stream.

This reinforces the system configuration that employs an outboard active analog crossover of the highest quality one can afford… The salient question surrounds the validity of MQA processed files as compared to lower resolution PCM file sample-rate conversion to PCMxxx or re-modulation to DSDxxx within Audirvana… There is an existing argument regarding the claimed “lossless-ness” of MQA files…

As I see it, Dirac provides the time-domain adjustments with correction/compensation EQ to the signals… So, being able to manage the speaker phase-alignment and filter slope, with an active analog crossover, works symbiotically with DIRAC, without decimating the data stream… In any scenario, one is faced with an expensive interconnect conundrum either digital and/or analog.

Another box but NAD C658 performs Dirac Correction, High and Low Pass filtering for twin subs (not stereo) and handles MQA.

The only caveat is that you will need an optional module on the NAD or a convertor like the Topping D10 to convert the USB signal to SPIDIF

Yes but the NAD C658 does not sound good and when using this there is no need for PC/DAC as it is stand-alone