Dirac live issue


I have a problem when playing the Dirac live plugin through the OFI streamer.
I can tell no difference in audio. I open the switch in Audirvāna, I switch slots and the same sound.
Meanwhile when I play through usb and not through Audirvāna the deference is immediately audible.
There is a problem with Audirvāna in that section.
Any help?

I’m using Dirac Live too, no issues with my system (AS 2.0.4, Win 11 version 22H2). Have you tried other VST3 plugins (e.g. some PEQ) to check if Audirvana properly supports these?

I haven’t tried anything else.
I have Mac OS.
I tried also the newest version of Audirvāna study but nothing.
I came back to older version which is much faster.

Also the real time control is useless as you must stop music as you unlock the exclusive audio and cannot make straight comparisons

Here is a photo

Yes, that’s true. Unfortunately.

Screenshot looks normal. The only thing that strikes my eyes is your 0 dB Dirac gain setting. If your room compensation filter includes boosting certain frequencies you will probably need to lower overall gain in order to prevent digital clipping. I am running my plugin at -8.0 dB.

I have some headroom from my preamp.
It’s definitely not working.
I made a filter with lower everything about 30 db to be a little audible.
When I’m streaming nothing happens.
When I play through usb to my dac it is working.

Sorry to hear that it’s not working. Maybe somebody else can chime in?

Hi @Alexandros_Petrakis,

When you are in realtime mode and you start Dirac, does it see your plugin or not?

When I choose as an output device the Mac’s built in output the Dirac line processor is playing normally through Audirvāna.
When I choose ifi streamer as output then it’s not working

And you are using a USB connection to it?

Yes I use ifi to dac through usb

From my Mac I don’t use usb.
I stream to ifi streamer.

This is when I choose apple built in output.
It works fine.

So you are using UPnP, which is why you can’t see your plugin. We are aware of this and we are working on it.

Yes i use upnp.
So it’s Audirvāna’s problem?

Yes indeed. It’s not a problem, but something we need to add in the software since it’s affecting any plugin you play with a UPnP device.

Ok please take care of it because it’s the only source I have to play music.