Dirac Live Processor internal error

I just bought the dirac live processor to use with Audirvana.

Unfortunately it does not work. When i start volume mesurement it stops with “Device internal error”. No sound on speakers at all.

Any solutions or tutorial how to solve this?


Is there a track playing in Audirvana?

Can you describe the steps you take?

Hello all
Actually I just posted the same issue here: Dirac Live VST3 Plugin not working - #11 by benoitp

+1, same troubles.

Have you ever tried it via USB?
I have performed Dirac measurement several times. But then via USB. I assume realtime processing should be enabled. This is not possible via UPNP.

Calibration Mic is on USB port (mac), as well as my DAC.
Message “impossible to control direct live processor”
Realtime processing ON or OFF.

Do you have a music track playing and processing on realtime?

I don’t know what you do and don’t know. So I don’t want to ask stupid questions or bore you with unnecessary information.
Be sure to let us know what you did and didn’t do.

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All right, I just found :

  1. you have to switch on the plugin and then play some music.
  2. Go to Dirac live, select your processor and then you can play the calibration sound.
    Thanks for your concern !
    I hope this can help others people.
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If you don’t like using Audirvana as a host during the measurement, you can also use any other AU/VST host.

Dirac now also has beta versions that works standalone available. Saves the hassle with Audirvana.


Moreover, with Audirvana I couldn’t play the test sounds, it stops at 30% !
With the standalone version (for Mac, I didn’t know for it ! thanks again ! ) it worked perfectly well. I could make my measures, and export with no trouble, just have to follow what they say in your link.

Just 2 more (simple) questions :

  • Does the Virtual Live Processor App have to run all the time ? (or you can close it after you assigned a profil)
  • Must Virtual Dirac Audio Device be ON for sound ? (and I have also to select it in Audirvana, right ?). Anyway, profils are active throuh Apple Music (test ok).

Big thanks @Jacob , you help me a lot & save me time ! (I just have to do more testings :slight_smile: )

Dirac live generates the test tones and creates a profile based on the measurements and the set target curve. You have now successfully performed that part.

To play the test tones, the Dirac processor must be active. In the case of Audirvana, a track must be played that is long enough to complete the test. (probably multiple tracks with the same sample rate will also work).

When you are satisfied with the profiles, you no longer need Dirac Live. The profiles are then available in the processor and you can switch between them at any time. When you want the correction, a processor must be active.

Dirac live can also be on a different PC than the processor. Let’s say you have a dedicated headless Mac mini to play music. Then you can install the Dirac Live on a MacBook. If all goes well, the processor will be found on the network. And when the tweaking is finished, the MacBook can be put away again.

The standalone processor is still in beta. There could still be some problems. The Windows version is now officially available. I don’t know how far they are with the Mac version.

The advantage of the Standalone is that it works on all software. Also Apple Music, YouTube etc.

The advantage of the plug-in version is that it is in Audirvana. You don’t have to start it separately.

Using the standalone takes away some of the advantage of Audirvana, Audirvana no longer handles communication with the DAC. (This could also be an advantage in some cases.)
For example, UPNP is no longer possible.

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