Dirac plugin and UPnP not working

I am using a trial version of Audirvana Studio as I want to use the Dirac plugin to send to an Sonore optical Rendu via uPnP. However I cannot get it to work. The music is played but the Dirac plugin has no effect.

I have tried on Windows and Mac both with the same result.

If I connect the PC/Mac directly to the DAC by USB the Dirac plugin does work.

I have also tried sending the output to HQPlayer embedded on a separate computer via uPnP and that is the same. The music is played but the Dirac plugin does not work.

I have looked on this forum and noticed people had similar problems and resolved it by enabling ‘Do not use RAW PCM’ and/or adding upsampling. Neither of these help.

Has anyone managed to get the Dirac plugin to work when sending the output to a UPnP device? I have just downloaded all of the latest updates, so I cannot solve it with a software update

Other than that it works nicely. Thanks from a frustrated potential user.

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I have done a bit more searching and it looks like the same problem that @Alexandros_Petrakis is having. If it is, will the feature be added soon? My trial ends soon and I don’t want to subscribe if I cannot use Dirac and UPnP as it is the main reason for trying Audirvana.

No answer……

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Hi @Alexandros_Petrakis and @Chris101,

It’s something we will add in the software but we can’t tell you when it will be ready as we focused on last.fm integration for the 2.1. I guarantee you it’s on our list but you will need to wait a bit and when it will be available, you will see it in the change log of the app.