Dirac processor under Audirvana

You can have 4 Dirac Line processors in Audirvana.
I configured 3 processors and would like to delete 2 and stay with only one, but find no way
to delete these Dirac processors.
Dirac Live 3 seems to be an unfinished product?
Very difficult to know if you are really hearing the processor you just installed.

Can you show a print screen of what you mean?

I have been using Dirac for a while. and have no problems with it and it is clearly audible whether it is functioning or not.

I show the 3430, the other two are 2359 and 4296.
I would like to delete the 2359 and 4296 since they all have the Cleomenes file.
If I use the trashcan I only delete the Cloemenes file from the three of them but not the processors.

I’m using Mac OSX, maybe slightly different, but can’t you just click the triangle next to the slot and select that you don’t want DSP in that slot?

Thanks very much.
I don’t get the no effect, but I clicked the triangle and click below it and the processor disappear.
So easy once you find it.

I have another one for you, excuse me but I am 80 years old,
Do Dirac really creates a perfect Linear response curve or we hear the frequency response curve?
See attached of my left channel

The purple line is the result of the measurement. In itself quite a nice result without correction.

I think you can select what you want to see at the bottom right. the corrected curve should also be an option.
Schermafbeelding 2021-09-15 om 22.33.26

The yellow line is the target curve. You could make a very extreme curve as a test. For example, if the three bottom points are attenuated by 25 dB, then it is audible.
Here you can also fine tune. Just make some curves and save them under recognizable names. For example, a flatter curve, a boost in the high and a dip in the low. Then select the different curves in audirvana while listening to music.

And my respect for getting started with Audirvana Studio and Dirac at 80. If I can help with anything, feel free to let me know.

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