Direct Mode and Dirac stand alone

MAC HighSierra and Studio and Dirac stand alone.

When I set studio streaming to Direct Mode and stream to Dirac software and then from Dirac to DAC the Dirac starts to act funny with bad sound after a while.

When I do the same set up but with no Direct Mode its seams like Dirac has no issues.

Can it be that it is not working and shall not work to use Direct Mode if you stream to a software like Dirac?

Anyone can tell if Direct Mode shall work streaming Audirvana Studio to other software on the MAC before going out to the DAC?

Direct mode is a development by Damien to completely bypass OSX’s audio mixer and directly control the sound card.

I wonder if this makes much difference when you go to other software instead of hardware. Do you hear a difference?

Thanks. I have not checked if I hear a difference but when in Direct mode my DIRAC software that I am streaming against works for a while and then the sound gets distorted. But now I have cancelled Direct Mode and it seems to work. So my question is does Direct Mode make it impossible to stream to an audio software in the MAC. Or can you only in Direct Mode stream out of the MAC.

So far I have used Dirac as DSP in Audirvana. And then with direct mode to the DAC. Why are you using Dirac as a standalone?

I’m just curious. I’ve been considering it for a few weeks now to test standalone versus DSP.

Or do you want to give Dirac the upsampled data?

I use DIRAC stand alone since I have this since 7 or 8 years. I have not tried the VST plug in version since I have High Sierra and it looks like the VST plug in only works with later IOS. My DIRAC has max 24/192 and so does my DAC so i have no upsample needs beyond that. I actually do not upsample at all.

I am using High Sierra and Dirac live V3 as VST and no problem.

Not the answer to your question, but it could be an option.


I might try.

Dirac Live Processor 1.4.15


  • Plugin could crash when removed from host or when quit host, this is now fixed.


  • macOS needs to be at least version 10.14

The processor needs to be a version before 1.4.15