Direct Mode enable in Mojave

Hello All,
Had nothing to do this afternoon and after the 10.14.1 new update,
i decided to put back Direct Mode on in Audirvana
It is still working with A+ 3.2.12 and Mojave 10.14.1

Here is the link for those who can’t live without it :slight_smile:
just wait for the download button to appear.

Hello RunHomeSlow,

I just would thank you for your procedure and your files.

I’ve made it and it works perfectly on 10.14.1 & 3.2.14 :sunglasses:

Let’s see if it still works when the 3.5 will come, but since it is an osx “issue”, there will be no issue i guess.

Thank you again for your kind work :wink:

Question to RunHomeSlow:
would your procedure work as well for macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on Audirvana 3.2.15?

Yes, if you follow the link for High Sierra…

Links for enabling Direct Mode back in Audirvana Plus after El Capitan (10.11.6):
Just wait for the download button to appear…

Sierra Link:

High Sierra Link:

Mojave Link:

Thx, will try it and report back.

Hi RunHomeSlow,
just tried to use your link for High Sierra, but I got following message in terminal (chmod: Invalide file mode: -R) as I paste the “sudo chmod -R 755 IOAudioFamily.kext” . Any idea, whats wrong?

Mmmm, i didn’t wrote those codes :slight_smile:

you did replace the .ktext

Maybe it is normal, can’t remember. I just made the text to read more clearer for people…
i can try it myself, but i’m on Mojave.

in Sierra i was doing the three lines in one shot… but some have trouble with it and not when pasting them in 3 shots ??
you can try in one shot… copy this like it:

cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo chmod -R 755 IOAudioFamily.kext
sudo chown -R root IOAudioFamily.kext

Let me put Direct Mode back in 10.14.3 and will be back if i see that message for me.

for me all is good with 10.14.3

when pasting the second line it ask for my password in the terminal window. did it and then pasted the third line…

Did you click click click those 3 lines or you type it yourself? click click click them, then paste them just to be sure not making error

It worked now. Thx.
The problem had been, that I did copy the text from my “Vorschau” preview.
I then opened the file in rtf, and then paste/copied and it worked.

Where could I get the original IOAudioFamily.kext file? As I replaced it, it is lost??
Any source in the net, just in case.


You are supposed to have a backup… as said in the text file… :slight_smile:

i will send mine original High Sierra through private message to you here…

Also with any update of Apple for High Sierra,
you will have to do the trick again as it puts back an original .ktext
everytimes it updates macOS High Sierra or Mojave
but i sent you a link anyway.

Thanks for this. Has anyone done the kext patch for the latest version of Audirvana+ 3.5? I am not sure if you would need to, to retain access to Direct Mode.

I have resisted upgrading MacOS and Audirvana until I hear there are others enjoying Direct Mode with 3.5 Anyone tried it?

I noted the comments about the different sound of 3.5 and wonder what the procedure would be for reverting, if necessary.



Yes the patch still works with Audirvana 3.5.9 and 10.14.5.

For the better sound, you’ll have to decide if it is a + for your setup.

For reverting the real .ktext in Mojave, just copy it before replacing it with the old one,
or just wait to the next macOS update (10.14.6) that will replace the old one, and by the same time,
remove again the Direct Mode in Audirvana :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this trick does not work anymore with Catalina public preview.

After I installed Catalina in one APFS volume and Mojave in another APFS volume of my SSD, I am comparing Audirvana without Direct Mode on Catalina and Audirvana with Direct Mode on Mojave. It seems I prefer Audirvana with Direct Mode in terms of clearness and resolution of the sound although the difference is small. So, I have decided to stay on Mojave desert for a while.
スクリーンショット 2019-06-30 18.00.18.jpg
スクリーンショット 2019-06-30 18.00.18.jpg

Can someone please give me the “in a nutshell” version of what exactly Direct Mode does?

I run a 15" MacBook Pro (mid 2014), 2.8GHz Intel Core i7, with 16GB ram on Mojave 10.14.5.

Mostly, I use Audirvana USB out to a SMSL SU-8 DAC, into a Sony STR-DE925 Receiver and out to a pair of JBL Northridge N28s.
For my money, the music always sounds great.

Question is… what is Direct Mode, do I need it, and will it make this particular setup any better?

Thanks in advance all.

Hi Scotiophile,

It “simply” bypass the Apple Core Audio, which means that Audirvana does all the audio work. The core audio is the deepest layer of audio treatment on macOS.

I try with & without, i prefer with (direct mode i mean), the sound is better, sorry i don’t have the words in english, but clearer, more spatial and defined.

The trick is done in 10 minutes, so try for yourself that’s the best way :wink:

I have not installed yet (I’m in research mode). I have questions I hope someone will answer:

  1. Direct mode is a primary reason I want to use Audirvana. Is direct mode enabled with Mojave or is a patch/hack required?
  2. is there a manual included with the Audirvana install?
  3. I want to use a Mac mini as a dedicated music server. Any suggestions on best output set up to my DAC?

Hack require in Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra, no trick found yet in coming macOS Catalina. Manual for the hack is in the .zip file…